Spring is amongst us! And with spring comes warm weather, flowers, and lots of new fashion trends! From the recent fashion weeks, I’ve witnessed trends that are about to make their mark in the upcoming season. Here are the ones you need to keep an eye out for!

  • Shoulder cutouts in shirts have come up in magazines and on fashion blogs more and more frequently. These type of shirts are perfect for spring and the warm weather approaching!Chelsea Crockett - Skirt Wrap
  • Wrapped skirts, like the picture on the right for example, are super stylish and aren’t the usual look that you’d expect for a skirt. They have a more unique look to them than just a basic skirt or dress.
  • Bright patterns and colors always make their way back into the fashion world starting in the spring. According to past fashion weeks, stripes especially will be in almost every store this season!
  • Victorian-inspired styles such as floral patterns and high-collar necklines are super cute and can bring a uniqueness to your outfit. Ruffles, too, are part of the Victorian style and are supposed to make a comeback this season!
  • Unique necklines, such as the high-collar neckline mentioned above, are fun to experiment with! An X-crossed neckline goes hand-in-hand with the shoulder cutouts trend. Check it out!

What trend will you be rocking this upcoming season? Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO – Chelsea