It’s funny to look how many trends we have now that developed from certain decades in the 1900’s. High-waisted shorts, for example, were huge in the 70’s and are extremely popular now! It seems as if the 70’s and 80’s get the most recognition for having so many trends brought back nowadays, but what most people don’t see is how many 90’s trends we all wear every day!

  • Glasses and sunglasses are all bigger now. The circle rims and the “hipster” style are actually brought back from the 90s. My mom and dad used to wear these glasses when they first had me!
  • Remember those 90’s shows where everyone had their jackets tied around their waists? Well it seems that trend has made its way back into the picture. If you’ve seen people who can pull off the street style, then you’ve probably seen them wearing a jacket or shirt tied around their waists, especially plaid button-ups!
  • Speaking of plaid, it became extremely popular and made its way back into the fashion world in the 90’s. Now, it’s back again and everyone wears oversized flannel shirts and plaid button ups!Chelsea Crockett - Chuck Taylors
  • In the late 80’s and early 90’s your closet was not complete without a pair of Chuck Taylors. Converse made this style extremely popular and I’m starting to see more and more teenagers wearing them again!  To check them out, click here!

What other 90’s trends have you seen make their way back into the fashion world? Let me know below!

XOXO – Chelsea