Are you a preppy gal? Do you WANT to be a preppy gal? If you said yes to either of those questions, you are going to want to keep reading! Spring, to me, is a time for pastels and pretty dresses. And preppy styles, of course! Spring is full of mild weather, blooming flowers and blue skies, perfect preppy attire weather if you ask me! Here is my guide to everything essential for the springtime prepster.

  1. Sweet sundresses: I LOOOVE when the weather is warm enough to break out my sundresses! Sundresses are great for running around town doing errands, for a day out with the gals, for Church, or even date night!2c550a2f63d74ded18a84f691c2825fe
  2. Floral skirts: So feminine and so classic! After months of hiding your legs under jeans and leggings, let them free in a sweet floral skirt. Pair with a simple pastel blouse to balance the look.
  3. Pastel button-ups: Oxfords are a preppy wardrobe staple. Pretty pastel ones are a perfect addition to your springtime get-up. Experiment with patterns like gingham to mix things up! Roll the sleeves when it starts warming up, and pair with a monogrammed necklace to finish the look.
  4. Classic trench coats: Springtime = rainy days galore! How do you think those May flowers get their beautiful blooms? April showers, of course! Beat the rain and chilly mornings with a classy camel trench coat. They are so versatile and timeless, so they go with just about anything!

There you have it, the 4 pieces to add some prep to your spring wardrobe!

XOXO, Chels