Kendra Scott has taken off in the past few years and now almost every girl owns some type of Kendra Scott product!  They sell a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.  I wanted to give you all the ins and outs of the brand and even give you all a few tips when it comes to buying from Kendra Scott!

First, let me tell you about the products this brand offers.  Chelsea Crockett - Kendra Scott NecklacesThe necklaces in the picture to the left are their most popular product (I’m sure you’ve seen them before!).  The style is called Elisa Pendant and can be purchased in tons of different stones and chains.  Apart from necklaces, their bracelets, rings, and earrings are also super popular and stylish!  You can choose from more simple and delicate jewelry pieces to more statement and noticeable pieces.  You can even get your birthstone on almost any product!  Why not buy something and treat yourself? 🙂

Now on to the tips when it comes to purchasing your products!  One of the biggest discounts Kendra Scott is known for is the sale they give you during your birth month.  If you purchase a single piece of jewelry, you get 50% just for buying it during your birth month!  Although you can only use this discount for only one product, it’s still a steal in my opinion! 🙂

Which piece of jewelry are you going to buy?  Tell me in the comments below!  (I don’t think you can go wrong!)

Xo – Chelsea