The velvet trend is back and better than ever for the upcoming seasons of 2017!  Velvet is one of my favorite materials because it’s so soft and comfy to rock for both casual and formal occasions.  Here’s how you can hop on the velvet bandwagon this season, too!

Chelsea Crockett - Velvet Shoes

Not only is velvet back, but there’salso a new trend within the new trend! Crushed velvet seems to be the new style that’s just a little different than regular velvet.  The material is more so in patches and more “crushed” together instead of a smoother velvet. You can wear a button-down shirt with distressed jeans for the comfy look or a crushed velvet evening dress to put a spin on your outfit!

Another way to rock velvet is with your shoes!  They’re unique and give a vintage, classy allure to any outfit. Velvet heels or boots with a block heel can complete any look! Slides, high heels, sneakers, and even slippers are appearing in this holiday-centric fabric.

If you’re looking for a homecoming or formal dress, check out a velvet look whether it be a dress, romper, or jumpsuit!  It’s a perfect way to put a spin on any ordinary outfit while being stylish at the same time! 🙂 Check out what you can do with velvet and how you can make it your own with your outfits!

XO – Chels