Shoes are my favorite. Scratch that, BOOTS are my favorite! If you are like me, that means you are heading back to school soon. Booo! But, school doesn’t have to be such a bummer. Know why? Because school means that you get to dress to impress every day! And what better way to turn heads than a great pair of boots. Here are my favorite boots for back to school!

Simple ankle booties: These boots can be worn with anything from dresses to skirts to shorts to jeans! It is still pretty hot when school is starting back up, so you definitely want to stick to shorter boots. That is why you can pair these simple booties with skirts or shorts! They are super versatile and add a can dress your outfit up.Cutout-Boots-Under-100

Cut out booties: Have you seen anyone out and about wearing these …boots? I love them. Why? Because they are so
different. They are subtly edgy, but also simple. You can also wear these with these with skirts shorts and dresses, just like the boots above. These boots also have a slight heel to them, so they give you a little extra oomf and can be worn in casual or dressy situations.

Fringe booties: These go with the boho trend that you will be seeing this fall. They are fun, flirty, and free spirited!

Will you be rocking any of these booties when you head back to school? I know I will!

XOXO, Chels