My friends at 17 Magazine want you to be as stylish as you can be this school year. Lucky for you, I am going to fill you in on a few of their style tips for fall 2014. Here are some of the trends that you should be aware of. I threw in a few of my own favorites!20dfaa8e6dad4d84a3a613b48b1704a2

Cool prints: quirky graphic prints such as floral prints or tribal prints are totally in! Incorporate them into your pants or accessories!

High waisted jeans: That’s right, not only are high waisted shorts in style, but high waisted jeans are coming back!

Boho: I am so pumped that I can take my love for the boho trend and carry it over to fall. Ankle boots, lacey tops, army jackets, long fringey sweaters, braided headbands, and distressed skinny jeans create this trend.

Pastels: Pastels are not just for spring and summer anymore! Incorporate them into your sweaters and jackets, and pair them with darker jeans for a great contrast!

You are going to be the most stylish ladies at your school, I guarantee it!

XOXO, Chels