Unfortunately it’s that time when I have to start blogging about back-to-school topics (UGH!), but it’s always a necessity to know which trends to rock once school starts up again. Your style is YOUR style, but incorporating different trends into it can be fun!

Shoes are always a fun way to spruce up your look, and this year there’ll be a few trends everyone will be wearing! Last year, some people around school were wearing Chelsea Crockett - ConverseConverse, but over the summer, tons and tons of my friends have hopped on the trend as well! The high top ones are super cute and are fun to wear with boyfriend jeans and a cute shirt! Definitely buy a pair for this school year :).

Certain styles have even made their way back into the picture. Retro styles from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, such as puffy vests, Converse (haha!), and high waisted pants, have all made a comeback. Also, oversized sweaters/shirts and layering cardigans or other articles of clothing is definitely in. Although, where I live it’s still 90 degrees, but I’m sure once fall rolls around, this will start popping up everywhere!

Lastly, trends such as graphic tees, boyfriend jeans, floral patterns, denim, and plenty of others will be sure to be seen throughout your school. Let me know below what you’ll be rocking once school starts!

XO – Chels