Bandanas aren’t just for mopping up forehead sweat anymore! Dollar store bandanas can be one of your most versatile accessories this summer. Read on and I will tell you how! 

1. Around your neck: Fold the bandana diagonally and then roll it like a snake. Then tie it around your neck in the front for a throwback, classic look. Bandana6

2. As a hair accessory: Give your look a vintage flair by tying the bandada under your hair and using it as a headband! Wear the knot on the top of your head for a cute accent. You can also braid a bandana into your hair to add volume and pazazz to your braid! 
3. As a handbag accessory: Wrap a bandana around the handle of your handbag and knot both ends. This gives your handbag some personality! 
Do you have any more suggestions on how to wear bandanas this summer? Comment below and let me know! 
XOXO, Chels