Have you ever looked at someone and been inspired by their style?  Well what if you became the one inspiring others?!  Being a style standout is an extremely honorable role!  This means you’re daring with your style and wear things others wouldn’t.  It also takes a lot of creativity!  If you want to be a style standout, follow a few of my style tips in order to be at the top of the fashion world!Chelsea Crockett- studded flats

Don’t be afraid to wear color and prints!  Black, brown, and grey can get boring so styling yourself with brighter clothes!  Try adding fun accessories like a striped purse or pink earrings.  A little color never hurt!  Another great way to add to your signature style is through your shoe choice.  Throw on a fun pair of sneakers or stylish wedges to a simple outfit if you don’t have time to get ready.  Never be afraid to be bold.  Always experiment with your style and go out of the box.  It’s important not to care too much about what others think of you!

Invest your money in your most valuable pieces!  Purses and shoes are always a great investment…you can never grow out of them.  Save up for that purse you’ve been dying to have.  Most designer purses are timeless, so it’s okay to splurge!  Plus, everyone will be dying to get their hands on it!  Another way to be a style standout is to layer!  Instead of just wearing a sweater, throw on a scarf or wear a button up under it.  An over-sized coat is always a great addition as well!  Be bold, be exciting, and be out there with your style!