Hey darlings!  Blazers are one of my favorite articles of clothing that give off a sophisticated feel to your outfit.  They can be dressed up or even dressed down.  Finding a perfect outfit to pair with your blazer isn’t hard at all with a few helpful pointers!

  1. Throw on a blazer with your favorite pair of colored skinny jeans.  Adding a pop of color to any outfit is nice, but pairing them with a black blazer looks even better.  Although sophisticated, it still gives off a fun, young feel.Chelsea Crockett - Blazer w scarf
  2. Try adding a scarf!  Whether it’s colorful or black and white, adding this creates an older look and makes you look even classierWink.
  3. Crop tops!  Surprisingly, crop tops work with almost anything.  They provide a sleek look to your blazer and bring a chic and edgy feel to your outfit, as well.
  4. Last but not least, try pulling off a modern look.  Simply pairing your black blazer with jeans and a gray tee is super cute and easy.  Not to mention it’s also very casual so you can wear it almost anywhere!  Dress it up with heels or dress it down with flats, whatever works!

         There you go!  Grab a blazer here and start rocking your new looks!