Hey insiders!

It’s finally bonfire weather, which means big sweaters, s’mores, and memories made with your closest friends.  The weather’s just a little chilly, allowing you to bundle up by the fire and enjoy some apple cider.  Whether you’re going to a bonfire or hosting one, you’re going to need an outfit that’s going to be on fire (not literallyWink).

If the bonfire bash you’re attending is just a small get-together with friends, putting a lot of thought into your outfit isn’t needed.  A big sweatshirt and sweatpants is all you need to keep you warm and comfy while roasting marshmallows.Chelsea Crockett - Over-Sized Sweater Look

If you’re attending more of a party/bonfire, you’ll need a fashionable, yet warm, autumn outfit to wear.  Since over-sized sweaters are a huge trend in the fashion world, they’re perfect to throw on with your favorite pair of leggings.  Pair this with your favorite boots and you’re set.  I prefer combat boots because, in addition to keeping your toes warm, they’re also stylish and edgy.  If you want to accessorize, try wearing a scarf and purse to match.  Even throw on a beanie to make your look trendier.

Of course, you can always take the even dressier route.  Denim and plaid are both two styles that are hot in Hollywood right now.  If you choose to wear either of these patterns, try rocking a long-sleeved button up.  Instead of buttoning it up, leave it open and show off your favorite shirt or V-neck.  As for pants, simply wearing jeans or leggings will work just fine.

Good luck and have fun!


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