I’m sure your closet is bursting with skinny and flare jeans.  They’ve always been the perfect jean to throw on with just about anything; but did you know that a new type of jean has emerged?  Called the boyfriend or slouchy jean, it is perfect for casual lazy days.  With their roomy feel and distressed look, they could really be called dressier sweatpants!  I’ll show you a few great ways to style your new jeans!Chelsea Crockett- boyfriend jean

Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend jeans feel weird the first time you put them on, especially if you’re used to skinny jeans.  My favorite way to rock boyfriend jeans is with a rolled cuff.  This gives your pants a slimmer affect since they are tight at the ankles.  This way, your legs won’t look frumpy!  Pair your jeans with a fun colored belt and style them with a tight-fitting sweater tucked in and crazy accessories.  This will give your jeans a more upscale girly look.  Another great top to pair with boyfriend jeans is a crop top.  This look is perfect for a concert or a night out with friends.  It’s super casual with that edgy flare.  My favorite shoes to pair with slouchy jeans are flats or heels.  You want to wear shoes that have more of a dramatic effect other than sandals.  The more sparkle, the better.  Since your new jeans have a masculine feel to them, you want to make sure to wear girly tops, accessories, and shoes.  Have fun with this and try out lots of different looks!



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