What’s up insiders?

            Beanie hats are not only good for keeping you warm, but also for making a look go from ordinary to trendy.  You may assume you just throw on one of these and you’re set, but first you should probably read up on your “Beanie 101”WinkChelsea Crockett - Beanies

            If you’re looking for a more edgy outfit, a black or grey beanie is the perfect accessory.  Although plain, solid-colored beanies will work, try finding one with a cool logo or emblem on the front.  This will look better when you pair your hat with skinny jeans and a leather jacket.  Also, throw on some combat boots and a concert tee.  This will give you the street look that’s a definite “in” in Hollywood right now.

            As for more of a sweet, girly look, find a light, pastel colored beanie.  These are a super cute accessory to pair with an oversized sweater and leggings.  Get out your boots and a cross-over purse to finish up a casual, yet stylish outfit. 

            Most of the time, I see most trend-setters rocking an over-sized beanie and slouching it towards the back of their head.  If you’d rather find a more fitting one to wear normally on the top of your head, that’s perfectly fine!  Don’t be afraid to make the style your own!  That’s what fashion’s all about, isn’t it?



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