Have you ever been shopping for a hand bag and thought “I wonder which kind of bag is best for my body type”? Here is the answer to that puzzling question!

 For the petite Insider – Petite girls should choose bags that are not too big or bulky. Big bags tend to overpower the small frame of petite ladies, so smaller girls need to go for longer bags such as a rectangular tote to make their torso appear longer! Petite girls should also avoid over-sized bags because they tend to weigh down their small frame. Petite ladies should avoid large prints on the bag as well and go for vertical stripes and monochromatic colors.

Chelsea Crockett tote

For the tall and skinny Insider – The model type can get away with almost anything. We short ladies envy you! The tall and skinny girl can chose just about any handbag type, but just remember to avoid too small bags and choose rounded or slouchy bags to flatter your figure.  Colorful bags also flatter their body type. Long sling bags are also perfect for the tall, skinny ladies out there!

Chelsea Crockett hand bag

For the curvy-licious Insider – Curvy ladies should avoid rounded bags as it tends to make them look even curvier.  If they like carrying shoulder bags, curvy girls should avoid bags that sit below the waist. The bag should always end just above the waist!

Chelsea Crockett handbag

For the pear-shaped Insider – This is the most common body type for women! The pear shape body type has wider hips and a small torso, which makes it the most flattering shape among all body types. You can make the most out of this shape by carrying a bag that avoids the hip area.  Hobo bags are the best bet for these ladies! 

chelsea crockett handbag

Hopefully this comes in handy next time you are hand bag shopping!

XOXO, Chels