Hello Lovelies,

            Christmas break is one of the most popular times for vacation.  While many families try to beat the winter cold by hitting the beach, other families enjoy snow skiing or may be visiting families up north.  So how do you pack for a cold winter vacation?  Check out my perfect packing guide.

            Packing for a winter vacation can be tough.  Fitting your boots, cold weather outerwear, and clothes in one suitcase can be tricky.  So how can you narrow it down?  Pack the basics!  Black, brown, grey, and white are the first colors you should pack.  One pair of black and brown boots will last you the entire vacation.  They can be worn with any outfit!  When packing coats, think warmth and style.  Bring along you’re warmest coat and your favorite stylish coat, like a pea coat, for nights out.  You never know how cold it’s going to be!  Also, don’t forget your gloves and leg warmers!  A super cute trend this winter is legChelsea Crockett- socks and boots warmers or tall socks sticking out of the top of your boots.  Not only does it add an extra element to your outfit, but it’ll keep your legs warmer.

            If you are going on a vacation this Christmas break, have a fabulous time!  Have fun packing!