Thought costume jewelry was only for Halloween or very glamorous occasions?  You thought wrong!  From bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, these jewelry pieces have become every day staples.  Thanks to fashion runways and stores like J. Crew, it is totally acceptable to pair a costume necklace with a solid sweater and run out of the house!Chelsea Crockett- costume jewelry

            So what exactly is costume jewelry?  It’s typically jewelry made from inexpensive jewels that are usually bright colored and large in size!  If you plan on wearing costume jewelry, keep your prints and patterns to a minimum.  They are meant to enhance the outfit!  Try wearing a large costume necklace with a solid colored sweater, skinny jeans, and colorful flats.  Large jeweled earrings are great when you have your hair up.  They make even the worst hair day look better.  For inspiration on how to wear costume jewelry, check out Kate Spade and J. Crew outfits.

            Don’t be afraid to add bold jewelry to your next outfit.  You’ll be fashion forward in costume jewelry.