Ladies, as the weather gets warmer, the hems of our clothes get inevitably shorter. Crop tops are one of these clothing items. Now, crop tops are just fine, as long as they are worn tastefully. You don’t want to show TOO much skin, dressing like a lady is always a must! Here are a few tasteful ways you can rock your crop tops as the weather gets warmer.crop top 3

  1. Layer: I saw this style on Pinterest and I was hooked! I cannot believe I didn’t think of layering my crop tops like this before. Just wear a loose, sheer shirt under your crop top for a dimensional, fashion-forward look.
  2. Proportions: When you wear a crop top, wear bottoms that are high waisted so that only a sliver of skin shows. We want to keep it classy, am I right? There are so many chic ways to do this, but here is one of my favorites:
  3. Hem: There are some really cute crop tops that have lace or fringe on the hem, so they cover up your tummy and also look super cute! These are the kind I tend to lean towards. Here is one that I think is totally adorable!

See ladies? Crop tops don’t have to make you look scandalous! They can be worn with class and taste.

XOXO, Chels