Fall fashion is full of fabulous trends. One of those being the layered denim trend! You may think that wearing more than one denim piece in an outfit is a bit much, and in some cases that is true. But in others, you can really rock the layered look. Here are some outfit ideas to inspire your denim looks this fall!

Dark wash jeans with denim button up: This outfit is effortless. You just pull on your favorite pair of dark skinny jeans and then pull on a lighter denim button up. The light and dark shades of denim contrast nicely creating a clean, polished look. Pull on your favorite pair of tan ankle booties or white converse shoes to complete the look!Denim-on-Denim-in-HM-Trend-Update-2013-2014-1

Light wash denim, light wash jacket: I love this look as well. Pair a loose fitting white shirt with light skinnies and a distressed, light denim jacket. This outfit is easy and breezy. The loose white shirt gives you some contrast between the two denim items. Pair with some white Keds or ankle booties!

Denim mini skirt with jean jacket: You might need to rock this look while it is still semi warm out so your legs don’t freeze! But, during the semi cool, semi warm fall months this outfit is totally appropriate. You can also pair a flowy, loose white shirt with a distressed jean jacket and skirt. This look is a little more girly and flirty than the two above.

Do you love donning denim? If so, then these outfits are your cup of tea!

XOXO, Chels