If you’re like me, you have that favorite pair of jeans that you wear over and over again!  Thank goodness denim doesn’t go out of style.  Although styles change, a trendy pair of jeans is always in!  Here are some tips to help keep your jeans looking as fresh as they did the day you bought them.

Jeggings are like a second pair of skin that you can slide into. They are stretchy, supportive, and stylish!  When you wash your jeggings/jeans, turn them inside out. I suggest using cold water and the delicate cycle.  Also, try to avoid using a hot dryer to dry your jeans. Hang them to dry or put the dryer on air only. This will prevent shrinkage. (Hint: It’s ok not to wash your jeans every time you wear them. Your jeans conform to your body and when you wash them they lose their shape.)Chelsea Crockett - Jean Styles

If you go to put your jeans on and they are feeling a bit tight, you can dampen, iron, and stretch them a bit especially around the waist.  Lastly, when you fold your jeans to put in your closet or drawers, don’t pack them too tightly. Denim fibers need air to breathe.

The best part about denim jeans is they come in every shape, style, and size.  The choices are endless:  curvy, skinny, faded, flare, coated, classic black. Whatever your look is, you can follow these tips to help your style last as long as possible!

XOXO, Chels