Flip flops can be surprisingly expensive sometimes, especially if they have a pattern or design.  They are the perfect summer shoe and can be thrown on with any outfit for an effortless look.  Creating your own flip flop masterpiece is a fun activity for the summer!  I will give you the step by step process for designing your own flip flops right at home.  It’s super simple!  Let’s go!Chelsea Crockett- diy flip flopsChelsea Crockett- diy flip flops

            All you need is a pair of plain colored flip flops (I recommend light colors), painters tape, and different colored sharpie markers.  Let your imagination run wild with the colors and pattern you would like your flip flops to be.  Right now, I really love the chevron print.  Place your flips flops in front of you and start taping your design.  For the chevron print, break apart small pieces of tape and make a zigzag pattern.  Make sure to space everything out evenly.  Once the design is created, start coloring in between the tape with your favorite colored markers.  Have fun with this part!  Let the color dry for about 10 minutes and then tear off the tape.  Now you’ve got your own pair of flip flops you designed yourself!

Have fun,