Easter is just around the corner.  It’s one of my absolute favorite holidays!  Easter is celebrated because Jesus, the son of God, rose from the dead and heroically gave His life to die for our sins!  Not only are we celebrating a life-changing event, but also starting to see the beautiful switch to spring weather! Chelsea Crockett - Easter Dresses

            Since I was little, Easter Sunday has always been special in our house.  My sister, brother, and I put on our Easter outfits and are ready for church and other festivities!  Easter Sunday is a day that we dress up to go to church, lunches, dinners, etc.  Therefore, it is time to start looking for that special Easter dress!  Some of my favorite online spots to look at for this occasion are Windsor, Simply Dresses, and Lulu’s!

            Easter Sunday is a way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!  Time to think about the new trends for dresses.  Whether you are looking for lace, high/low, off the shoulders, or cut outs, the above mentioned sites are a great place to start!  And don’t forget about shoes to match.  Time to break out those long awaited peep toe pumps or glittery sandals!

                                                                  Happy Easter Everyone! -Chels