I’ve recently been on an accessory kick. I love all the new, edgy jewelry and shoes that have come into the fashion world! Since I’m an Instagram fanatic, I’ve seen tons of chic looks that are ten times more stylish due to the trendy accessories they pair with it. Here’s a little insight on the newest ways to accessorize!

  • Gold and silver watches, such as Michael Kors and Fossil, have been big for a while now. I saw on Pinterest that stores are starting to sell matte black watches! How edgy is that? Some of the watches are accented with silver or gold so you can pair the rest of your jewelry accordingly!
  • I love owning a couple pairs of rain boots to change out for the rainy/snowy weather. Instead of patterned, glossy boots, stores are starting to take a turn to matte dull colored ones. I’m obsessed! A brand of boots called Hunter has a wide variety you can choose from. They might be expensive, but their quality is great!Chelsea Crockett - Wedge Booties
  • Since boots are the big thing for fall and winter, you’ll need some that can dress up an outfit! Wedge booties are SO cute and come in all different kinds. The ones on the right are one of my fave pairs!
  • Last, but definitely not least, are boot cuffs! Instead of finding socks long enough to stick out of the top of your boots, you can get knitted cuffs to do the job for you.

What’s your go-to fall accessory this season? Let me know below!

XO – Chelsea