Hey insiders!  Etsy is a creative website that lets you customize certain products and shop around for cool, unique things.  As I’ve mentioned in my “Back to School Nails” article, and my “Buy and Try July 2013” video, you can buy the Starrily homemade nail polishes from Etsy, which makes the website even betterWink

             Chelsea Crockett - EtsyEtsy is a perfect place to find a gift for a friend or even just to treat yourself!  You can purchase necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even engagement rings.  The coolest thing about the website is that you can customize some of their products.  You can add your initials, name, or even just a letter, however you want it!    

             This isn’t just a site for teens or kids, but adults, too!  They have clothing for women and men and even furniture to decorate your home.  You can also buy cameras, bedding, and things for babies such as toys and clothes.  This website honestly does have it all!   

             Since this generation has dived into technology and almost everyone has a smart phone, Etsy has a whole section for electronic cases and covers.  They have cases for anything from tablets to iPhones!  You can find any case from fun and bright to vintage and simple.  And, once again, you can customize your own phone case to have your initials or name on it!  How fun is that?  You guys should definitely check it out!

                                                              XO – Chels