Hey insiders!

            As seasons change, so does our wardrobe.  This time of year, the weather gets cooler which causes us to pull out our scarves and sweaters.  Recently, I’ve seen many popular and stylish accessory trends spread throughout magazines, fashion websites, and even at schools worn by kids and teens.

           Chelsea Crockett - Fall Accessories Hats are accessories that can be rocked in any season, but there are a couple ones that are necessities to have during this time of year.  Beanies are casual, cute, and can be worn to all your fall events such as bonfires, football games, etc.  Whether they’re fitting to your head or hang off the back, you can style your beanie however you prefer!

            Since most schools don’t allow hats, teens have to find other fun ways to accessorize and show their individuality.  Scarves are the perfect way to do so.  With all their fun colors, patterns, and styles you can add some color to your outfit.  In case you don’t know, infinity scarves are definitely a popular trend.  Because they don’t have an end, you simply wrap them around your neck two to three times and you’re set!

            Lastly, it’s time to pull out your autumn handbags!  Colors such as browns, yellows, tans, and oranges look great on purses during this time of year.  Of course, you can change up your look with crossbody bags, hobo bags, or shoulder bags.    

            So as you see the colors of the leaves start to change, it’s time to show off these trends!


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