Have you ever heard of “Bean Boots”? They are adorable, preppy boots that keep your toes toasty warm in the cold weather. There are a few fashion trends that incorporate these toasty warm booties that you just cannot ignore this fall. Here is how to rock Bean Boots!

  1. Dress ‘em up: If you are a lassie that likes to dress it up, I have an idea for you. Pair your Bean Boots with dark tights, a grey wool skirt, wool socks, a simple striped shirt and a camel pea coat! I absolutely love how this outfit looks with all of the pieces put together, the Bean Boots adding a little gritty flare to an otherwise preppy outfit.bean boots
  2. Keep it simple: Layer a simple flannel shirt with a vest, dark skinnies, and wool socks peeking out from your boots. This look has a woodsy flare that I love.bean boots 1
  3. Keep it cozy: Grab some black leggings, an oversized sweater, and some warm wool socks. This is the perfect cozy rainy day or snowy day outfit.

Bean Boots are such a cute and classy way to keep those toesies warm this winter. Check ‘em out!

XOXO, Chels