Another love of mine is online shopping. How awesome is it that I donโ€™t have to get off my couch to shop till I drop? Today I am going to tell you my favorite online shopping sites, and the pros and cons of each.


  • Pro: This website seriously has everything. You can find everything from phone cases, to shoes, to the cutest sundresses you will ever find. They have an amazing selection of everything, and it is all so cheap! Their jewelry starts at $1.00 and goes to about $4.00. Their shirts are super cheap too! Most of them are between $4-8.
  • Con: The shipping! Because they are located in China, the shipping is not cheap and it takes a long time for your package to arrive.


  • Pro: They have such adorable stuff! I mostly go there for the shoes, but they also have a pretty awesome selection of clothes. But more on the shoes, I have bought three pairs from them already, and I plan purchasing more soon! They have an incredible selection of boots, sandals , flats, pumps, any kind of shoe you can think of even combat boots! Their shipping was speedy and the shoes are great quality. Every day they have a different pair of shoes featured in the โ€œDeal of the Dayโ€ where they give you an amazing deal on the pair featured. They are always a super cute pair. I want them all!
  • Con: Sometimes my size of shoe is out of stock and that makes me sad.


  • Pro: Everyone loves Forever21 right? Their clothes are so cute and their style is right on target. Also, the prices cannot be beat! Sometimes they carry items on the website that are not available in stores, which is also pretty cool. I like to check out the clearance section, because there are always unbeatable sales there too.
  • Con: Because the prices are so low, that can mean that some of their items are not of the best quality, but you get what you pay for! Not all of the items are low quality, but you just have to watch out for it. Also, the online selection could be beefed up a bit, but other than that I love the site!

Go check these sites out! You never know what you will find. Happy shopping!