Hey insiders!  Target features a new clothing line that helps decrease the amount of hunger in America.  With every purchase, FEED USA provides meals for families across the nation.  Each separate piece of clothing has a number on it, representing how many meals it will provide when you make your purchase.

            Chelsea Crockett - FEED USATake the outfit on the left for example.  With the water bottle providing 10 meals and the tank providing 12, that’s already 22 meals for hungry children across the country.  Once you add the 22 meals from the shirt and the 24 meals from the bag, that’s a total of 68 meals!  And that’s only one outfit!  Just think how much all of us can help if we all pitch in.  Plus, it’s fashionableLaughing!    

            There are many different articles of clothing that all have their own patriotic theme.  From tanks to hoodies, you can find something for any season or weather.  There’s also a wide variety of products such as hats and jewelry that you can buy for a good price.  The company offers kitchen supplies as well such as plates, bowls, silverware, and even cookie cutters.  So check out a Target store near you as soon as possible for the new FEED USA clothing!


To see some of the FEED USA clothing, click this link: http://tiny.cc/FEED_USA