As the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good”; and this is no exception to workout clothes!  As crazy as it may sound, dressing in cute, comfy active wear can actually drive you to push harder in a workout (aka resulting in a good workout).  Find out how you can easily spice up your workout outfit game in a few simple steps!Chelsea Crockett- cute workout clothes

Next time you go for a run on a hot day, ditch the cotton t-shirt.  These types of tees soak up the sweat, leaving you feeling heavier than normal.  Also, if you’re wearing a dark tee, then the sun will be more attracted to it.  Instead, throw on a dry fit tank or tee in a bright color to make you feel good and get rid of sweat faster.

Another way to feel good when you work out is to try something new with your hair.  If you prefer to wear it in a ponytail, add a bright colored headband.  If you don’t mind changing it up, try a side braid or braided ponytail.  If you’re very active when it comes to working out and do so several times a week, then investing in good workout clothes is a must.  Just like putting on a cute outfit for dinner makes you feel good, putting on a cute workout outfit will inspire you to work out more often and harder.

It’s time to spruce up your workout outfits and get active!  Nothing’s better than a good workout.