Whether you’re graduating middle school, high school, or college, graduation is right around the corner!  With so many eyes on you and hundreds of pictures being taken, it’s important to have the right outfit.  It’s time to find the perfect graduation look!

Graduation is a very important event, therefore go for a dress.  When shopping for a dress, avoid anything strapless.  Go for a dress with straps and one you will be comfortable in.  Graduation Chelsea Crockett- graduation dressceremonies usually last a long time, so you do not want to constantly be pulling up your dress, especially in front of your principals and family members.  Since the weather will be transitioning from spring to summer, go for a fun colored flowy dress as well!  You don’t want to look too business professional, so opt for a dress right above the knee with a bright color or pattern!

Walking across the stage at graduation can be nerve racking, so don’t wear 6 inch heels.  Instead, go for a wedge.  Wedge heels have more support and are easier to walk in!  If you’re still worried about falling, try finding heels that have an ankle strap.  This will prevent your feet from sliding around in your shoe.

Happy Graduation!