Spring is one of the prettiest times of the year! All around you, flowers are starting to appear! Flowers are not only gorgeous and a perfect gift, but a fashion statement as well. What better time to rock some sunflowers than spring?Chelsea Crockett - Floral Necklace

If you’ve checked out the latest issues of fashion magazines, you have seen all the popular trends that involve floral jewelry. Chunky necklaces, like the one on the right, are super cute and classy.  To check out some of these necklaces, click here!  Other accessories, such as earrings and bracelets, are just as stylish. It totally fits the mood of spring!

Chelsea Crockett - Flower BraidOther accessories can be found right outside your front door :)! I know a lot of us have tumblrs, and I’ve seen this on my feed many times. Go outside and pick out some flowers, depending on how long your hair is. Then braid, or fishtail, your hair. After your hair is in a nice (or messy!) braid, put the flowers randomly throughout your hair. Look at the pictures on the left for example, so creative!

To state the most obvious trend for spring is the floral pattern. This pattern is cute on almost any article of clothing. My favorite place to see this design is on simple sundresses! They’re perfect for a day out shopping or lunch with your friends!

Happy spring! – Chels