Have you ever wondered where certain trends you see start or come from? Sometimes a celebrity starts wearing a style that trickles to everyone who witnesses it. Other times, a trend from across the pond makes its way to the U.S. Here are a few looks inspired by countries around the globe!

Kimono cardigans, which started from the original kimonos in Japan, have suddenly become a huge fashion statement in America. High waisted shorts, a simple tank top, and a kimono cardigan with wedges is a fashionable outfit that you can find in a handful of the latest magazines.Chelsea Crockett - Hunter Rain Boots

Rain boots, which have been around way before the 2000’s, are still big here today in the U.S. Rain boots actually started out in England and were first styled as boots for war. Nowadays, brands such as Hunter rain boots have taken the style of the boots and made them perfect for rainy days. They’re super cute and available in almost any color!  Look at the ones on the left for example… So cute!  Check them out here: http://tiny.cc/Rainboots.

Fedora hats are popular for both girls and guys. They’re super fun for a day at the beach or hanging with your friends at the pool. They first started out in France when a woman came on stage wearing a fedora hat while performing a famous French play. Now, it’s a big fashion trend among almost anyone in America! If you want to purchase one, click here!

Do you know of any other trends that may’ve started in another continent? Let me know in the comment section below!

XOXO – Chelsea