Fourth of July is the perfect day for boating, barbeques, and celebrating the awesome country we get to call home! It’s also the perfect day for dressing up in your most stylish red, white, and blue gear. This year, I decided to put together a few looks that put a little twist on fourth of July attire.

Chelsea Crockett - Fourth of July JacketThe first look is the picture on the left. I love this statement jacket that pairs perfectly with a simple outfit! A pair of black shorts and a black tank top is all you need with this jacket. Finish it off with a cute pair of sunglasses and sandals or converse. If you start to feel the heat, roll up your sleeves like she did on the left!

Depending on where you live, it may be too chilly to wear shorts and a cute tank.Chelsea Crockett - Fourth of July Sweater You may need long sleeves or pants. Depending on what events you’re attending on the fourth will determine how festive you’re going to dress. If you’re attending a theme party, why not go all out and get a fun pair of fourth of July leggings?! If you’re just hanging out with friends, try a flag sweater like the one on the right to pair with some jean shorts.

These are just a couple looks for the upcoming holiday! What are you wearing this year? Tell me below!

XO – Chels