It’s a proven fact: between food, lifestyle, and fashion, French women have got it right!  With their effortless, yet put together style, the French have got the fashion scene covered.  Although many of us may not live in France, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring their cool, casual style to our country!  Check out how to have your own chic, French-inspired look!Chelsea Crockett- French Street Style

Start with the minimum and then add accessories as you go.  Try a pastel colored sundress with a pair of Mary Jane flats or some boyfriend jeans, a sheer button up and bralette, and a pair of light colored sneakers.  Of course you can always up your look by adding a pair of pointed toe heels.  Next, add a colorful printed scarf and chic handbag.  To complete your look, throw on a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat!

Try looking up pictures of French street style to complete your own outfit!  Good luck completing the perfect French outfit, or as the French would say bon chance!