According to Glamour magazine, full skirts are coming back, and I cannot help but agree! Full skirts are a classic fashion statement.

Wearing a full skirt makes you look like you have an itty bitty waist! How? The skirt is fitted closely around the waist and then flairs out as it comes to your knees. Full skirts are almost universally flattering because they define the waist, and make it seem small by comparison. They also give you a classic, vintage look. Full skirts never really went out of style, they were just pushed to the side to make room for newer styles such as the pencil

chelsea crockett full skirt

 skirt. Full skirts give you a feminine, romantic feel. They are also super fun to wear because they swish and sway when you walk! When I am wearing a full skirt I like to spin around and feel the skirt fly around me. When wearing a full skirt, if it was made with a 

plain fabric, pair it with a patterned blouse! Add some chunky statement jewelry and some retro sunglasses and you will rock the look!

Looking for a vintage, classic, flattering look? Try on a full skirt, you will fall in love just like I did!

XOXO, Chels