Hello Lovelies,

            Getting inspiration for new outfit ideas, beauty ideas, and DIY craft projects can be tough.  Coming up with them on your own can be tougher.  So where do you turn when you’re fresh out of ideas?Chelsea Crockett- pinterest  Check out two of my favorite websites for fresh inspiration and new ideas!

            Pinterest is one of the greatest websites on the Internet!  It’s full of beautiful pictures of the latest outfits, beauty trends, and our amazing world.  You can create your own account and “repin” or “like” your favorite images to look back on or share with your friends.  It’s also great if you’re looking to jump start your workout routine and need fresh ideas for yummy, healthy meals.  The categories range from beauty to fitness to DIY.  It has all of your needs!

            Wanelo, another great website that’s similar to Pinterest, focuses more on the fashion and beauty side of things.  It has cute home décor pieces as well.  The great thing about Wanelo is it tells you where you can actually buy everything.  Make birthdays and Christmas easier by creating a wish list and making Wanelo your one stop shop for all of your favorite things!

            Go check out two of these amazing websites if you haven’t already.  Trust me, you’ll become addicted just like me!





***This is not a sponsored article.