Summer, warm weather, and days in the sun are almost here… But first, graduation! With me being a senior this year, I’m graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. Graduation is a big deal, and I obviously want to look my best for the big day. So, I came up with a little guide on how to style your outfit for graduation day!Chelsea Crockett - Graduation Dress

First comes first, know your colors. Since it’s spring, see which shades look best with your hair color and skin tone. Use those to your advantage! I love floral patterns during the spring. If you do too, you can always find the pattern you like with which colors go best with you! Not only is floral good for spring, but patterns are always fun to play around with! Don’t be too limited when it comes to patterns and materials. Stripes, lace, chevron, etc. may turn out to be your fave trend!

As far as guidelines go, make sure your dress isn’t too short or too low-cut. Although your gown will be covering up the majority of it, people will still see it for pictures and before and after the ceremony. For your shoes, I would suggest a stylish pair of wedges or casual heels. I prefer wedges because they’re more comfortable and easier to walk in (which is a good idea for walking to get your diploma!).

I hope this helped you get an idea of what outfit you’ll wear for your big day!

XOXO – Chelsea