Hi Girls,

Graphic tees are so in this year.  They’ve been worn by celebrities, all over the magazines, and promoted everywhere.  So are the messages on these graphic tees just for fun or promoting a meaning?  When worn, are you trying to get a message across or just thought the shirt was fun?  Sometimes these shirts can be very meaningful!  Check out these awesome graphic t-shirt ideas and how you can style them!

October is breast cancer awareness month.  It’s the perfect time to find a cute graphic tee that supports breast cancer awareness.  This type of graphic tee, bringing awareness to a great cause and can impact someone.  Try styling a tee that brings awareness and provokes a message with a pair of jeans and flats.  When wearing a meaningful shirt, don’t cover up the message with accessories or anything that would over shadow the message.  Keep it simple!  Chelsea Crockett- awareness tee

One of my favorite graphic tops to wear is my crew neck sweatshirt that says “Hello Friday”.  It’s so comfy and just a fun saying to wear to school on Fridays!  I may even wear it on other days of the week ;).  When wearing a funny or typical saying graphic tee, go ahead and style your look!  Dress it up with a blazer, colored jeans, and some jewelry.  Have fun with your style and get creative with buying graphic tees!


Have fun!