Hey girls!

            Just as trends come and go, so do colors, and knowing when to break them out is tough.  For example, wearing white shoes, pants, or handbags after Labor Day and before Memorial Day is a fashion “don’t.”  So, what colors pop during autumn?  Keep reading to find out!

            You probably guessed it, but what color is better to sport during fall than orange?  Wearing an orange shirt and pairing it with neutral colored shoes and a cute handbag is a perfect casual outfit for a day at the mall.  Not a fan of orange?  Try out red or yellow.  These shades are similar to orange aChelsea Crockett - Fall Outfit - Fall Colorsnd still give off an autumn feel. 

            Another color that’s a fall favorite is chocolate brown.  The perfect brown accessory is a purse.  This matches almost any outfit you want to throw on.  It complements orange, red, and yellow perfectly, yet doesn’t take the focus away from your bright autumn shades.

            As I’ve stated before, plaid is back!  Although it’s a pattern, not a color, plaid has made a comeback and looks great as an oversized button-up.  Rock this look with leggings and boots or flats.   

            If you’re one who follows the Labor Day rule, then you’ll need a white substitute.  Cream, ivory, nude, or even a light, rosy pink will do the job.  These colors can fill in for your white accessories you put away for fall.

                                                Hope this helped! – Chels