Hey girls!

            It’s half-way through November, crazy right?  This month has flown by and December is creeping up faster than we know it!  I know I’m not the only one counting down the days till Christmas and school break.  One of my favorite things about this holiday season are the Christmas parties, gift-exchanges, and family gatherings.  We all know it’s true, every girl has trouble finding the perfect party dress.  So, here’s my guide on finding the perfect holiday party dress!Chelsea Crockett - Holiday Dresses

  1. Lace is one of those everlasting trends that you can’t go wrong with.  Try finding a dress or shirt that features lacey sleeves or accents.
  2. You’ll always be sure to stand out if you rock a little sparkle.  If you go the shimmery route, make sure you keep it balanced.  Too much shine can be overbearing, so keep it at a good amount.
  3. Try sporting holiday colors.  Navy blues, dark reds, and neutrals give off a great feel of the season.
  4. Add some accessories!  Chunky necklaces are super in right now and go great with a lace dress.  Also, don’t be afraid to break out the heels and wedges to dress up your outfit.

                                                        Happy holidays!