We all have that one outfit that is our “go-to” outfit. When we cannot find a single thing we want to wear, this is the outfit we fall back on. Or, you just love the ensemble so much that you just love wearing it. Whatever the case, we all fall into fashion ruts. Lucky for you, digging yourself out of the rut is super easy. So grab a shovel and let’s get to it!

  1. Step out of your comfort zone: Do you have an article of clothing that you absolutely adore but have never photo (4)worn because it is not something you usually wear or that people around you wear? Forget other people, wear what you want to wear! Making a statement with your clothes is so much fun, and you will get so many compliments from those around you!
  2. Clean out your closet: Cleaning out your closet helps you get an idea of what clothes you wear a lot, what clothes you don’t wear very much but should, and clothes that you’ve never worn (aka the ones with tags still attached). Cleaning out your closet also helps make room for things that you actually need.
  3. Find your perfect shade of lipstick: Wearing lipstick makes me feel powerful. Lipstick is the perfect motivator. How? Let me ask you this: are you tempted to throw on a tshirt and leggings when wearing red lipstick? No ma’am. You want to work that lipstick with a fierce outfit. It motivates you to dress things up!
  4. People watch: No, I don’t mean stare at them uncomfortably. What I mean is when you are out in public pay attention to the different styles people are wearing around you. When you are sitting at Starbucks with your bff, take a leisurely look around at what other girls are wearing and pick out outfits that you would wear or that you like. This will give you inspiration on how you can use different pieces in your closet or how you can switch things up!

Are you ready to become the more stylish version of yourself? So am I!

XOXO, Chels