Ahhhh wedding bliss!  Don’t you just love watching two people who are madly in love with each other getting married?!  It’s such a beautiful thing!  With the summer months finally here, you may notice a lot of weddings coming up.  So how exactly should you dress for a summer wedding?  I’ve got all the “dos” and “don’ts”.

The number one rule when dressing for a wedding is that the bride wears white, not you!  Stay away from any white dresses, skirts, or pants you may be thinking about wearing.  It’s the brides color!  Also, remember that a wedding is a family affair.  Do not wear a dress that is too short or tight, heels that you cannot walk in, or anything revealing.Chelsea Crockett- summer wedding guest dresses

When dressing for a summer wedding, it’s okay to play around with color!  Try wearing a bright floral or hot pink dress!  I always recommend a sundress for a wedding, because it’s cute and classy.  Also, try a pair of wedges.  They are easy to walk in and the most comfortable kind of heels.  You will want these once you start dancing the night away!  To finish your look, grab a clutch and throw on some lipstick!

Hope your summer is filled with beautiful weddings!