Your alarm clock goes off, your running late, and you have nooooo idea what to wear. I’ve been in this situation more times then I care to admit, and over time I have come up strategies to come up with something to wear in a pinch.

1.     Pick your shoes first: Shoes are a vital part of any outfit. They have an impact on how you function throughout the day. Plan your outfit around your shoes. On the weekends, wear fun shoes, and on week days, wear practical shoes! Choose shoes that make sense for your day.

2.     Lay it out: Lay your outfits out the night before. This way, you can know if the colors and patterns work and you are prepared. When you are running late in the mornings, it is a huge relief to already have your outfit ready to go.large

3.     Repeat a past outfit, with a few modifications: There is no shame to repeating an outfit! If you don’t want to totally repeat it, just make a few modifications such as switching out shoes or accessories. When you are in a rush, turn to old favorites. If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

Use these tips for when you are running behind and still want to dress to impress!

XOXO, Chels