Hello Girls!

            I’m sure when you think of a floral dress you think of the spring or summer.  I do too!  Well, floral dresses are all the rage this fall.  Although it may be a little chilly at times, there are a few ways to put a classic twist on a floral print dress to make it a ready to wear fall dress.ChelseaCrockett- floral dress + boots

            A great way to transition a floral dress to the fall is to throw on a pair of leather combat boots.  This will tone down the “girliness” and give it an edgy feel.  If you’re wearing dark jewel tones like ruby red, maroon, or plum purple, go for a dark brown boot.  If you are wearing a shade of blue, grey, or green, pick a black leather boot!  Lace them up and you’re good to go!

            Since it’s fall, closed toed shoes are a must.  Oxford flats look awesome with a girly dress since it gives it a masculine flare.  Also, try pairing your dress with a jean, leather, or cloth jacket to keep warm in the chilly fall air.  Don’t be afraid to throw on a jacket with some embellishments or studs.  This can only take your outfit to the next level and who wouldn’t want that?  Another great way to keep warm is to throw on an over-sized sweater over the dress.  This will make the dress appear to be a skirt, but in an extremely fashionable way.  Have fun incorporating your spring and summer clothes into Chelsea Crockett- floral dressthe fall.  Comment below if you have any other suggestions!

Love you all,


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