Color is something you can have fun with. Whether you like pinks and reds or blues and greens, you can add a little pop to your outfit by simply rocking a statement color! Sometimes this can be a bright lipstick or a not-so-ordinary hair color. Either way, finding what looks best and how to pull it off can be tough! Here’s a little guide I like to follow :).Chelsea Crockett - All Black Outfit

  • Sometimes I wake up in the edgy mood to rock combat boots and a flannel button up. Other times I want to dress a little preppy and girly! All shades of pink give off a flirty vibe and go well with almost any skin tone or hair color. One of my favorite looks is a rose pink dress accented with white or silver accessories. If you’re more of a hot pink kind of girl, try throwing on a pair of bright heels or a daring lipstick!
  • On the total opposite end, all black everything can be a statement in itself. You might be thinking it’s too dark for your personality or that you won’t be able to pull it off… Think again! An outfit like the one on the right is simple and chic. Give it a try!
  • Red is a color almost every girl wants to be able to pull off. To do so, you can’t be afraid to totally rock it! Red lipstick, a red dress, or even red, auburn highlights has only one secret to pulling them off. Be confident! I promise, you’ll turn heads!

What color would be your “signature color?” I prefer fun, bright colors to match my personality! Let me know below and tell me how you choose to rock it!

XOXO, Chels