Hi Girls,

            Have you ever looked through magazines or watched a movie from the 60’s or 70’s and thought “Hmmmm I wear that now?”  Well, that’s because trends are ever-changing.  Clothes and hairstyles that your mom or grandma used to wear are making a comeback!  Crazy, right?  So how do you pull of these dated styles in the new millennium?  Here are a few tricks and tips to rock that old school style.Chelsea Crockett- winged eyeliner

            Winged eyeliner has been one of the biggest makeup staples throughout every generation.  It’s such a classic look, but is often applied wrong.  Start by using liquid eyeliner.  Apply your top eyeliner as you normally would, a thin straight line.  At the end of your eye, go over the line multiple times with the liner.  Keep doing this until you have achieved the thickness that you like.  Don’t go overboard though!  Another makeup trend making its way back is red lipstick.  Celebs like Taylor Swift have made red lipstick the new “it” look.  Be daring a pair it with your normal everyday outfit.  This bold color takes any look to the next level.  Try a darker red for the winter and a lighter or orange red for the warmer months.  It’s such a classic!

Believe it or not, peplums and high-waisted shorts/pants have made the ultimate comeback.  Ask your mom, I bet she wore them in the 80’s!  They are two of today’s biggest trends.  Wear your peplum with a pair of skinny’s or a pencil skirt.  The ruffle adds a girly touch to almost anything!  Try out your high-waisted shorts with a crop top or tucked in concert tee.  You’ll really be channeling the 80’s!  Take a look back at old pictures, magazines, and movies.  You may pick up on an old style trend that you can start back up again.  Be a trend setter!