Just because you’re not in the military doesn’t mean you can’t rock their look!  Army green and camo have become some of the biggest fashion trends this year and are so easy to incorporate into any look for any occasion.  Check out some of my favorite ways to style army inspired clothing!Chelsea Crockett- dress with army jacket

Army green and camo skinnies are a style staple for any wardrobe.  When wearing these types of pants, keep your shirt a solid color.  You don’t want too much going on in your outfit.  It’s also important not to take the “army” look too far.  If you are wearing camo, stay away from combat boots.  Instead try flats or a tall boot.  This way your outfit won’t be taken too literal.

An army jacket is a great way to make a dress more casual.  Try throwing on an army jacket with a plain black or cream dress for the perfect fall outfit.  It even looks great with skirts and skinny jeans.  Tyr replacing your normal everyday jacket with an army inspired one.  They’re causal and versatile enough to match almost anything!

It’s always fun to try new trends and to change up your normal wardrobe with fresh and trendy inspirations!  Try incorporating the army trend into your wardrobe this fall!