What’s better than walking around you house in a big t-shirt and no pants?  Nothing!  Can I get an “amen” girls?!  The second best thing is a t-shirt dress, AKA a long, comfy tee that is actually stylish!  Even better?  It’s totally acceptable to wear almost anywhere!  Check out how to style a t-shirt dress for any occasion!Chelsea Crockett- t-shirt dress

The simplest way to rock a t-shirt dress is to throw it on with sandals and some jewelry for warmer months.  I love adding a scarf and hat to bring more to the outfit.  This is perfect for a lunch date or shopping.  It’s even comfy enough to wear around the house, not to mention it’s super cute too!  Once it starts getting cooler, a long-sleeved t-shirt dress is the way to go!  Try it with a pair of boots and a quilted vest.  You can always dress it up with flats or wedges and a cardigan.

Accessories are the key to dressing your t-shirt dress up or down.  The more accessories you add, jewelry, purse, type of shoes, hats/headbands, the dressier your outfit will become!  Experiment with different colors, patterns, and accessories.  The possibilities are endless with styling your dress!  Comment below if you own a t-shirt dress and what’s your favorite way to end it.