The holiday season isn’t only the time for presents and delicious cookies, but for ugly Christmas sweater parties, too! You never know if your crush or secret admirer may be there :). So, apart from the “ugly sweater” part, you may want to look cute and not-so-casual on top of it. Here are some way some ways to dress up your ugly sweater!

  1. Preppy. When people ask for fashion advice, I always give the same answer. Be yourself! So, if you’re that Chelsea Crockett - Ugly Sweaterpreppy girl that’s obsessed with heels and jewelry, show it! Tuck your sweater into a high waisted skirt that matches it. Then, throw on a chunky necklace and a pair of heels or flats!
  2. Edgy. For this look, combat boots are a must. Whether they’re studded out or just plain black, rock them with a pair of ripped jeans! If you have a crop sweater, try that out, too. Then complete your look with a beanie!
  3. Casual. Maybe the party you’re going to isn’t much of a party but a more causal event such as a gift exchange with your friends! Throw on the classic leggings, tall socks, and UGGs. Finish your outfit off with an oversized Christmas sweater!
  4. Formal. If you’re planning on dressing up a little for your occasion, try out a sweater dress. They’re not only stylish but comfy as well!

Do you have a go-to ugly sweater outfit? Share with me below :)!

Love, Chels