Oxford shoes aren’t just for dudes any more! The style of shoe is making its way up the Hollywood fashion ladder and even Taylor Swift is sporting the trend! They are classy, preppy, and fashionable. Here is how YOU can work Oxfords into your wardrobe.ladies-flat-shoes-1

  1. Casual: The easiest, most casual way to wear Oxfords is with some skinny jeans, a white cotton button up, and a cute pair of sunglasses. If you are feeling sassy, toss in a hat and statement purse!
  2. Semi-Casual: Take Taylor Swift’s style advice and pair a neutral pair of skinnies with a preppy sweater, leather handbag, and retro shades.
  3. Dressy: The “dressier” option is to wear a cute printed dress with nylon tights, a cardigan, and Oxfords! I love the “scholarly” look this gives. It is a little vintage, a little classic, but a lot of cute!

So ladies, this fall will you be sporting some Oxfords? They come in all  types, from simple leather to bright colors and everything in between! There is something for everyone. 

XOXO, Chels